The so called great reset, much in the news of late, is but one name among many for a process, beginning in the 1980s, which aims to replace old notions of society with a new ‘lifestyle’ model in which our ‘needs’ are moulded by market influencers who direct governments in the framing of public policy. A final stage in the development of capitalism, the new order will be defined by the subordination of all human intelligence to commercially manufactured alternative ‘truths’.

Rather than an open society in which political authority is accountable, the sponsors of this ‘new normal’ want an open market in which neither civil society nor borders can stall the imposition of new technologies and systems owned and controlled by small numbers of people. Mostly, the vehicle of change is ‘crisis’, created, exaggerated or misused to justify corporate intervention in our lives.

Adopting slogans such as ‘openness’ and ‘diversity’ – code for the removal of all restraints on ‘investment’ – the growing influence of this new ideology … ‘globalism’ … is not a theory, conspiratorial or otherwise. The war on human society is a stage, perhaps the final stage, in the natural evolution of capitalism, predicted for centuries by social scientists. Dissociated from physical reality and separated from membership of any meaningful communities, the lives we will lead in this new world will be isolated, spiritually empty and dominated, if not defined, by meaningless patterns of consumption.

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For the nation state, and the citizen whose rights it guarantees, the future is filled with darkness. Any national community perceived by corporate actors, and the ‘statesmen’ they control, to be resistant to economic absorption faces the ‘full spectrum’ war waged against Iraq and Libya, countries which were not merely subdued but destroyed systemically in order to be ‘rebuilt’ in a different image. In the face of apocalyptic warnings, the ordinary citizen will likely surrender his/her autonomy willingly, as indifferent to the fate of recalcitrant neighbours as he is to recalcitrant foreigners. If we’re not there already, we are perilously close to the moment when, for our ‘leaders’, no consideration of harm will inhibit ‘progress’ to the post human new order.

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If the ‘new normal’ is ever to be realised, to its fullest extent, political process will be subordinated to ‘expert’ opinion which means, in effect, monopoly commercial interests. Infiltrating every aspect of political, social and cultural life, the instrument of global ‘rule’ is a patrician class of politicians, technocrats and intellectuals whose interests no longer require deference to any scientific laws or loyalty to any human family and who exercise almost total control over mass media.

Under the guise of ‘meeting new challenges’, the technocratic order – in practice globalised ‘uber’ capitalism – is nothing more than a supersized version of the old capitalism … set up to enable the unrestrained plunder of our collective human resources by giant corporations and billionaires.

Maski, India – Nov 12,2020 :

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Freed from the racism of the right and the ‘materialism’ of the left, the alternative model proposed by National Bolsheviks was rejected nearly a century ago by radicals from both traditions. Within a few years most of the revolutionaries were drawn, by the globalists of the time, into the conflagration of World War II.

As endless wars, ‘moral’ crusades and insurrections, driven by the interests of non state actors, threaten to overwhelm our deconstructing world, we must become fully conscious of the reality of our present condition if we are to avoid replicating the mistakes of past struggles.

It is time to open our minds to the original NatBol vision of an authentic nationhood governed in accordance with the principles of social justice. An international order of peaceful, self governing communities, freed from the control of an inhuman financial system, must be our ‘reset’ or in the end we will live our lives as little more than the perennial objects of rapacious greed.

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