The chaos of today’s ‘postmodern’ world has turned many of us into bystanders, struggling to identify or understand the nature of the change that is overwhelming our lives. Yet the direction of travel, described by the Chairman of the World Economic Forum as a great reset, is hiding in plain sight. Under the ‘new normal’ even the most ordinary of human activity will, in the end, be subordinated to the power of money.

Hiding behind slogans such as ‘openness’ and ‘diversity’, the growing influence of this new ‘ideology’ … ‘globalism’ … is not a theory, conspiratorial or otherwise. What we are seeing … the collapse of political autonomy … is a stage, perhaps the final stage, in the natural evolution of capitalism, predicted for centuries by social scientists.

Infiltrating every aspect of political, social and cultural life, the framework of global ‘rule’ is protected by a patrician class of politicians, technocrats and intellectuals whose interests no longer depend on loyalty to any human family. In practice the global networks they serve facilitate nothing more than the systematic plunder of our collective human resources by giant corporate interests.

On our ABOUT page you can read a brief introduction to National Bolshevism (NatBol), a revolutionary ideal of national autonomy rooted in grassroots democracy, the polar opposite of the ‘new normal’.

In RESOURCES you will find articles, essays and commentaries supportive of or reflecting upon all or some of its ideas along with links to external sites containing extensive additional material.

Standing apart from the racism of the right and the materialism of the left, the alternative model proposed by National Bolsheviks was rejected nearly a century ago by ‘radicals’ from both traditions who could not shift beyond these dogmas. Within a few years most of these ‘revolutionaries’ were drawn, by the globalists of the time, into the conflagration of World War II.

As endless wars, ‘moral’ crusades and insurrections, driven by the interests of non state actors, threaten to overwhelm our deconstructing world, we must become fully conscious of the reality of our present condition if we are to avoid replicating the mistakes of past struggles.

It is time to open our minds to the original NatBol vision of an authentic nationhood governed by principles of social justice. An international order of peaceful, self governing communities, freed from the control of an inhuman financial system, must be our ‘reset’ or, in the end, we will live our lives as little more than the perennial objects of rapacious greed.

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I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:

Till we have built Jerusalem

In England’s green and pleasant land.

William Blake

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